Friday, July 14, 2006

Researchers confirm claims that China kills for organs

"A human rights lawyer and a former member of the Canadian cabinet have accused prison authorities in China of killing Falungong dissidents for their organs. Lawyer David Matas and Canada's former secretary of state for Asia and the Pacific, David Kilgour, spent two months investigating the claims. The Chinese government has denied similar allegations in the past, pointing to a new law prohibiting the buying and selling of human organs, with a proviso also that written consent must be given by donors. "

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"We have concluded that the government of China and its agencies in numerous parts of the country, in particular hospitals but also detention centres and 'people's courts', since 1999 have put to death a large but unknown number of Falun Gong prisoners of conscience. Their vital organs, including hearts, kidneys, livers and corneas, were virtually simultaneously seized involuntarily for sale at high prices ... "

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Why are the media not making this a major story? Is it because China is the big new market for capitalism?

An Open Letter to Our Colleagues in the Media

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