Saturday, June 17, 2006

AWU celebrates 120 years as voice for the worker

"AUSTRALIA'S oldest and largest union was born in a Ballarat pub in 1886. Union organiser William Spence and firebrand shearer David Temple, 24, mounted a campaign against pastoralists who had cut the shearers' pay from 20 shillings per 100 sheep to 17 shillings and sixpence. Responding to an advertisement in the local paper, 40 shearers signed up for the new shearers' union, which was to become the Australian Workers Union ...

"[Victorian] Premier Steve Bracks helped unveil a plaque commemorating the anniversary, which includes Henry Lawson's poem about the Eureka Stockade, with the famous line: 'If blood should stain the wattle.'"
The Age, today

WG Spence, Henry Lawson, Australian Socialist League and Australian Worker in the Book of Days

Lawson & Co: associations with Henry and Louisa Lawson in the Book of Days

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