Monday, May 22, 2006

Those Mooslim towelheads will get you with muffins

"We have new information on those tainted muffins ..."

Hilarious video (truly, a genuine news clip) from the very country that turned the Western world onto most of the planet's illicit and dangerous drugs. And who says pot doesn't make people paranoid?

Joint Terrorism Task Force deployed because of marijuana in muffins

Watch closely Jeff, the newsreader. He failed Recesss at acting college, but got a 'B+' in Ken Doll 101, which headed him straight for a career in TV news. And keep your eye on John McSwain, who is from the Joint Terrorism Task Force and collects stamps and Swedish "nature" pictures in his spare time -- apparently he is a real human being and not an actor like Jeff. (John-boy only failed Recess at Junior High.)

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