Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Keef falls out of tree, lands in pile of coke

"AUCKLAND, New Zealand - ROLLING Stone Keith Richards is due to have his brain examined after falling from a palm tree. Lucky for the sexagenarian coconut aficionado, his fall was broken by a pile of cocaine being shovelled by roadies poolside. After rolling and tumbling down the dune of soft white powder, our mossless Keef came to a stop in a stack of garden hoses which served as snorting implements for Mick’s entourage. No real harm was done apart from a few umbrella drinks spilled among the guests."

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Keith Richards has surgery for blood clot on the brain
Independent, UK - 2 hours agoThe holiday mishap in which Keith Richards fell out of a coconut tree in Fiji has turned out to be more serious than previously thought, with the Rolling ...

Keith Richards Undergoes Surgery
Rolling Stones' Keith Richards Has Brain Surgery After Fall
Keith Richards Has Head Surgery
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