Thursday, April 20, 2006

James Lovelock and Gaia's revenge

"The architect of a new way of seeing the planet rings a passionate warning about the dangers to its survival. Camilla Toulmin assesses James Lovelock's vision.

"James Lovelock's passionate and provocative book The Revenge of Gaia (Penguin, 2005) takes us on a beautifully written journey through the dangers that beset our planet. The language is crafted to inspire a sense of urgent pragmatism. As such, it provides an excellent further twist to the hurricane of opinion whirling around energy policy, climate change, and globalisation today ...

"Iconoclastic and idiosyncratic, he argues that all human civilisation is in imminent danger. The language is apocalyptic, even violent. He makes frequent reference to war, the need for defence against the coming attack, proposes the rationing of goods and fuel, and urgent plans made to ward off the chaos ahead. He thinks we cannot rely on international agreements to solve climate change – instead individual nations must start, here and now, to find ways of protecting themselves from the risks ahead, regardless of international agreement ..."

Revenge of Gaia by James Lovelock, at (other books by James Lovelock)

James Lovelock in the Book of Days

An interview with James Lovelock on this book with be available in audio here in a day or two.

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