Friday, April 14, 2006

CounterCulture, new at Wikia

Formerly called Wikicities, Wikia is a collection of communities with websites that you can edit. So, although I'm a rank newbie, I decided to get one going on the CounterCulture and invite you to join in and have some fun and meet people.

"Our wikia is about the Counter Culture of today and through history. We cover centuries, not just years.

"That's why the person in our logo is Gerrard Winstanley (1609 - 1676), with a hippie flower in his hair. He was counter-cultural, radical and very influential. Had he lived in the 1960s, he might have been at Woodstock or a Martin Luther King rally. In the 1970s, he might have picketed the Oz Magazine Trial. In the 21st Century, he might have been arrested at a demonstration opposing the International Monetary Fund.

"The term 'Counter Culture' popularly refers to a Western movement of alternative lifestyles and dissident political thought of the late-20th Century. Although the term was specifically coined for a 1960s - 1970s Western phenomenon, this Wikia takes a wide historical perspective ... Read more at our CounterCulture:About page ..."

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