Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I nominate Boog Highberger as world's best mayor

Lawrence to celebrate Dada days

LAWRENCE, Kansas, USA: "Mayor Dennis 'Boog' Highberger wants to recognize Dadaism by devoting a month to the early-20th-century countercultural movement.

"Well, not exactly.

"Highberger plans to proclaim International Dadaism Month on Tuesday during the city's weekly commission meeting.

"But in the spirit of the Dadaists -- who declared 'art is dead' and rejected conventional forms, often making deliberately absurd works -- the Lawrence mayor hasn't picked a certain month to celebrate the movement.

"Instead, International Dadaism Month will be Feb. 4, March 28, April 1, July 15, Aug. 2, Aug. 7, Aug. 16, Aug. 26, Sept. 18, Sept. 22, Oct. 1, Oct. 17 and Oct. 26.

"To choose the dates, Highberger rolled dice and pulled numbers from a hat.

"As part of the proclamation, Highberger will utter a phrase from a poem by the late Hugo Ball, a founder of Dada: 'Zimzim urallala zimzim urallala zimzim zanzibar zimzalla zam.'
AP (emphasis mine)

Nonsense takes center stage as city honors art movement (nice picture)

Pictured: Hugo Ball, a patron saint of the Book of Days

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