Monday, August 30, 2004

*Ø* More about bananas - and 400 massive spiders

Tropical spiders give family the creeps

"A Staffordshire family home has been plagued by an infestation of tropical spiders for almost two months after they were brought in on a bunch of bananas.

"The Huntsman spiders, more commonly found in the US and the Caribbean, began breeding in the home of Emma Bradbury, of Salters Lane, Werrington, eight weeks ago.

"One adult can give birth to up to 400 offspring - and now her home is overrun with the creatures, which can grow as large as four inches." [And the family is still in the house. Yikes!]
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Bananas could power Aussie homes [?]

"Australian engineers have created an electricity generator fuelled by decomposing bananas, and hope to build a full size fruit-fired power station.

"At present, much of Australia's annual banana crop goes to waste, because the fruit are too bruised or small ...

"However Dr Clarke admits this technology has a flaw: it takes an awful lot of bananas to generate a small amount of power.

"He said: '60kg of bananas are needed to power a household appliance such as a fan heater for 30 hours.'" [Hmmm ...]
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