Wednesday, June 11, 2008

George Monbiot calls for citizen's arrest of John Bolton

John Bolton is the man who wanted to destroy the United Nations, and whom Bush made Ambassador to the UN. Bolton is, to put it bluntly, horrible. Thanks, old mate Warren T, for alerting me to this story, which is a fortnight old but which I missed first time around:

George Monbiot calls for citizen's arrest of John Bolton
"Grumbles over Wednesday's scheduled appearance by John Bolton at the Hay festival turned caustic last night as the activist and journalist George Monbiot called for a citizen's arrest of the man George Bush controversially appointed to the UN in 2005. The Guardian columnist's demand - greeted with cheers from the audience - came just hours after an audience member challenged the veteran author Gore Vidal for appearing on the same festival bill as Bolton, who is widely viewed as a driving force behind the 2OO2 invasion of Iraq."
The Guardian

More in today's news

I consider Monbiot (pictured) one of the best political writers on the Net today, and I think this was a great stunt. Here is George Monbiot's website. You can subscribe there (free). Here is what he wrote about it beforehand, and here's his article after the event.

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