Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stoner shows prejudice against ex-stoner

Sydney, NSW, Australia: "New Education Department boss Michael Coutts-Trotter remains defiant today over his drug past, saying he should not be 'pre-judged'.

"Former Labor staffer Mr Coutts-Trotter has faced a barrage of criticism after being appointed director-general of the department despite being a heroin addict during the 1980s and spending nearly three years in jail for conspiracy to import narcotics.

"But he defended his appointment, saying: 'I think my life shows that redemption is possible, that a terrible and criminal mistake, serious as it was, can be paid for and you can move on from it.

"'If this publicity about my background does anything I hope that it reassures people like my mother, or people like me, that change is possible, that there is reason to hope.'"
Sydney Morning Herald

Parents, teachers OK with Director-General appointment

"The new Opposition education spokesman, Andrew Stoner, said Mr Coutts-Trotter's criminal past as a convicted drug dealer would worry parents and he should not be allowed to run the Education Department."

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