Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Good shot! Agent Meringue scores bull on Clarkson

In a shot worthy of Pie Man, Agent Meringue scored a bullseye on Jeremy Clarkson, who was being awarded an honorary degree at the UK's Oxford Brookes University.

Conservative Sunday Times motoring columnist Jeremy Clarkson has been criticised for engaging in stunts such as driving a 4x4 (4WD, SUV) vehicle through an environmentally-sensitive peat bog in Scotland.

Speaking shortly before the whammo, Clarkson said: "I do have a disregard for the environment. I think the world can look after itself and we should enjoy it as best we can."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

word! im with clarkson, whats the point in uhhh save the planet. make the most of life and enjoy ourselves rather than worrying about irrelivant things. we will all be dead and gone before a plant dies... get over it hippies! you only live once.

3:23 PM  

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