Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Climate change: 30 times faster than last Ice Age

"'By 2050, human beings will be using, if they can still be found, nearly two planets' worth of resources', writes Tim Flannery, in his latest essay for The New York Review of Books.

"The books he reviews in the essay describe a deeply troubling situation: 'The environmental movement in the United States has become more and more dispirited, and remains divided, while the science behind environmental causes in now stronger and more conclusive than at any moment since the movement began.'

"In this conversation, Tim Flannery, also takes the Howard government to task over its energy policy, reiterating that Australia is following the Bush White House.

"'As it becomes increasingly plain that human-induced global warming is already well underway -- an accelerating process that, if left unchecked will lead to devastating long-term changes in sea levels, weather patterns, and the fate of many species -- the time available for effective international action is running out.'

Guest on this program: Tim Flannery
Director of the South Australian Museum and Professor at the University of Adelaide; scientist, explorer, conservationist and author.

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