Monday, September 12, 2005

Bush rejected Afghan offer to hand bin Laden over to justice

No, it's not breaking news, and 9/11 has been and gone, but this is worthy of a headline at any time, because everywhere I go I find that many people simply don't know this. Only recently I have seen this fact laughed at in a very scary way, by a nice kid who I guess watches too much TV.

Just for the record, and please keep it on record because this negates one of the most believed and recurrent lies told by the Bush regime and conservatives worldwide:

Before the USA invaded Afghanistan, the government of that country offered to hand over Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to an independent, international court if America provided damning evidence about bin Laden's role in the outrage, and if America stopped raining bombs on Afghani citizens. However, Bush's government, intent on gaining the geo-strategically important Afghanistan, and the oil-rich Iraq, refused -- a point generally conveniently overlooked by the pro-war faction even today. At time of writing, the people of the USA and the world have not been given the damning evidence.

The source that so many people doubt when I refer to it, and which I posted way back on February 8, 2003 (as Footnote 56 in Myths of the War of the on Terrorism and Iraq), is none other than that gang of radical, communist, anarchist, American Muslims, CNN, October 14, 2001. But you will also find related references from CBS and Washington Post. Footnote 56 is the one that should make a good dinner-party argument stopper.

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